Lahore Smart City is the perfect amalgamation of natural aesthetics and humane efforts. This perfect blend of high craft and meticulous efforts is what makes this a masterpiece. The project is located in the heart of Lahore. This one is a true testament to stability, skill, and creativity.

Lahore Smart City is the first ever smart city in Lahore, revolutionizing the historic cityscape by opening the gates for modern and contemporary infrastructure in the center of Lahore. Aiming to make Lahore a sustainable city, embracing environmentally sound practices to their full potential.

Designed around the concepts of sustainability and resource optimization, Lahore Smart City is brimming with all the ingredients that will make it a success story in real estate even in the coming years. It is sustainable, contemporary, and a real estate gem located in the heart of Lahore.

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Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited is a recognized name in the industry and is a synonym of distinction, prominence, and exception. Known for aligning and molding the company’s vision to the clients, the company is setting the bar high for providing civil, mechanical, environmental, and commercial services.

HRL has been serving in the real estate industry for over 5 years and the name is synced with rapid progress and a mindset which screams creativity. The team of professionals and designers is highly esteemed ensuring that the project treatment is top-notch and highly valuable.


One of Asia’s largest urban infrastructure consultancy firms - Surbana Jurong is a force to be recognized with. The firm has designed over 1 million homes in Singapore and the Snowy Mountains which is an engineering wonder that SJ also helms. The same firm is highlighting the master plan of Lahore Smart City.

The firm is successfully exploring the ways of the world, and global real-estate trends and is adding the right amount of innovation to the masterplan of the society making it valuable and desirable for investors


A collection of the most diverse minds, highly skilled experts, and creative teams from the ruling companies in the real estate world create the existence of FDHL. This organization is known for meeting the cutting-end needs of urban development. Moreover, they have a successful track record of producing and constructing smart cities which are functional, sustainable and promise better living prospects in an eco-friendly habitat.

Major Amenities

Grand Mosque

A symbol of tolerance and a vision of purity, the society’s grand mosque is built to quench the thirst for obligations by the worshippers. Built with envisioning a place that symbolizes grace and holiness, the grand mosque is one of the most stand-out features of Lahore Smart City.


The development of patient-centered care enables more empowered, informed, and better health prospects for the residents. Medical emergencies are inevitable and the state-of-the-art Hospital located in Lahore Smart City promises early care and improves the quality of life.

Education City

A premier city comprising world-class infrastructure, sleek attention to detail, and opportunistic prospects for learning, the education city in Lahore Smart City is a gateway to the enhanced educational prowess of the children.

Financial Square

The prospect of a commercial center located in Lahore Smart City is a comprehensive chance at a capital investment that is both promising and long-lasting. With a high resale value, these commercial venues offer a high resale value.


Family and homes are two of the most valuable assets. The Lahore Smart City management is eager to tackle the issues by crafting a robust and secure environment that minimizes potential damages and offers high-level security.


A sustainable and fast way for inter-city travel, BRT promises a high-speed bus transit system that has its own dedicated routes. The dedicated bus lanes reduce the travel time of the commuter and are bridging the gaps in the cities.

Load Shedding Free Environment

Society has its own energy-generating parameters and processes which ensure unhinged, unbothered, and 24/7 availability of light. This reduces the client's hassle and opens the doors to an easy and calm lifestyle.

Automatic Traffic Control

The integration of sensors streamlines data so that the congestion can be reduced alongside the synchronization of the real-time data analysis. This swift traffic control reduces pollution and enhances road safety.

High-Speed WiFi

High-speed wifi is a need of the hour. Society boosts a strong network of routers and robust network processors which does not leave the signal to jam or reload.

Payment Plan

The LSC payment plans are affordable, easy to follow and highly reasonable for investors of all types. The payment plans commence from a 10% down payment and flexible installment. Lahore smart city is offering various sorts of residential and commercial investments at highly affordable rates. The bookings are currently open and investors can contact the management in case of further inquiries and questions.

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Master Plan

Built on a massive land of 20,000 Kanal it is easily one of the most reputable real estate projects in Pakistan. The massive land coverage promises the availability of all the necessary amenities and also comes with the delivery of state-of-the-art facilities which are hard to miss out on. The master plan of Lahore Smart City is being helmed by SJ.

Moving on, Lahore Smart City is so huge that the management has divided it into several blocks, such as:

  • Overseas Block

  • Overseas Prime Block

  • Executive Block

  • Harmony Park Block

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Location is a key factor behind the success of any real estate. People are tempted by the prospects of better accessibility and connectivity. Similar are the hopes of people for Lahore Smart City. The good thing is that there is no other latest housing project in Lahore whose location is better than Lahore Smart City.

Lahore Smart City is located on Lahore Bypass - one of the most recognized roads in Lahore, promising connectivity across various points such as Kala Shah Kaku, GT Road and Ring Road. GT Road is only 4 minutes away from the Lahore Smart City and M2 Motorway is only 5 minutes drive away.

Moving on to the nearby landmarks that are pretty close to the LSC are Lahore bypass, Kala Shah Kaku, Ferozwala, UET Lahore, Kot Abdul Malik, and the list goes on. In other words, those who are planning to move in or invest in LSC will not face any trouble when commuting to and from the project.

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  • IoT – IoT stands for Internet of Things. It also means the network of physical things, including software, sensors, etc.

  • Public Safety Management - initiation of legal compliance, identification of relevant legislation, and monitoring traditions 

  • Controlled Electromagnetic Emissions - 

  • Intelligent Shopping - enhanced chances to pre-sort the purchases in the cart and reduced the waiting list at the checkouts

  • Smart Energy - Optimized resource use, better security management, and forecasting

  • Minute Traffic Management - aids in providing valuable data on current traffic situations and maintaining the integrity of structural infrastructure. 

  • Smart Street Lights - reduced carbon emissions and light pollution; lowered repair and maintenance costs with the monitoring software

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities - Collect data insights of your EV charging sessions, Update your EV smart charging station automatically

  • Waste Management - benefits the environment by lessening the need to extract resources and lowers the potential for contamination.

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Lahore Smart City takes on a voyage to experience the gagantic wonders of nature and man.

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Development Updates

Construction Work is in progress at site Alham du Lillah! الحمداللہ Possessions have been initiated in Sector A & B of Overseas Prime Block before time.


What is the Location of Lahore Smart City Marketing Office?

88-C Broadway Commercial behind Meezan Bank, DHA Phase 8 Lahore, Pakistan Punjab.

Where are the sales offices of Lahore Smart City located?

The sales offices of Lahore Smart City are located in Islamabad, Multan, Sargodha and Sahiwal

Are there any International Offices of Lahore Smart City?

There are two authorized international offices in Lahore Smart City one is in (London) UK and the other is in the USA .

Who are the Authorized Overseas Sellers for Lahore Smart City?

  • RBS (UK)
  • The Masters Real Estate and Builders (Ireland)
  • Lion Home Design & Build (UK)
  • Dreamland Marketing (UK)
  • Aston Associates (UK)
  • Century 21 (Canada)
  • PK Marketing International (UK)
  • Overseas Marketing Group (USA)
  • Premium Realty Advisors (USA)

Who are the Authorized Local Sellers for Lahore Smart City?

  • The Masters Real Estate & Builders (Multan/Islamabad)
  • Sky Marketing (Islamabad)
  • Multiply (Islamabad)
  • Currentage Associates (Islamabad)
  • Lion Home Decors and Build (Lahore)
  • Subah Real Estate (Rawalpindi/Islamabad)
  • Smart Way Real Estate (Islamabad)
  • Deal and Deal Pvt. Ltd (Islamabad)
  • PAK Associates (Islamabad)
  • Amal Nawaz Property Exchange (Rawalpindi/Islamabad)
  • Brick (Islamabad)
  • Safa Marketing (Islamabad)
  • Sigma (Islamabad)
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