Lahore Smart City Web Portal Registration Process

The times are changing and the internet is not only a source of entertainment it is now becoming one of the basic sources of connectivity across all aspects of life. The need for people, especially those in managerial positions, to pick up on these sorts of things is more pertinent than ever.

Real estate which is one of the most bankable sectors of Pakistan at this current moment, also needs fresh assistance from technological advancements to become more relevant and relatable. This accounts for the active incorporation of various ease and connectivity premises which the management can ensure to provide the investors with more advanced and premium services.

Lahore Smart City is one of the most sought-after projects of the current times. This housing society has been making waves for quite some time and it is mainly because of its promise to make sustainable real estate possible and a dream come true for all the investors.

In an attempt to become more approachable and ensure that the customer is enjoying the perks of a better real estate experience, the management of the society has now unveiled the Lahore Smart City Web Portal Registration Process.

The web portal is here to bring ease into the lives of investors and make real estate a more open and comprehensive investment venture for people.

Exquisite Features of the Lahore Smart City Web Portal

The Lahore Smart City management is bringing ease and connectivity for the investors of the housing society. As the world is becoming more and more progressive with every passing day, there is no doubt regarding the fact that the members are looking forward to indulging in more healthy and productive services. That is why the web portal is being designed by the society’s management to ensure a swift and easy booking process for the members.

Here are some of the perks which the members will enjoy if they sign up to this web portal:

  • Members just have to register themselves once. Once they become smart members, they will have unlimited access to all the smart features of the Lahore Smart City and capital smart city

  • Allows members to generate all sorts of PDF forms for all types of commercial and residential plots

  • Members can easily submit e-forms for quick bookings

  • Ensure online payments via Visa/Mastercard for speedy and easy bookings hence payments

  • Allows members to check their property listings, anywhere, anytime

  • Minimizing delays by allowing members to access due vs paid amounts - reducing hassles in the process

Lahore Smart City E-Services

Lahore Smart City Web portal registration form is not the only online service that the society is providing. The society is state-of-the-art and it is evident from everything that the society is promising for the residents/investors. Here are some of the winning e-services by the society which make it the first of its kind in Pakistan:

  • E-Bookings

  • Mobile Apps

  • E-Payments

  • E-Challan

  • E-Brochures

The Bottom Line!

The web portal is an attempt to provide an all-inclusive real estate experience made possible for the members of the society. These sorts of activities are done to ensure that the investors who are willing to invest in the society are experiencing and enjoy the most premium services by the management of the society.

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What is the Location of Lahore Smart City Marketing Office?

88-C Broadway Commercial behind Meezan Bank, DHA Phase 8 Lahore, Pakistan Punjab.

Where are the sales offices of Lahore Smart City located?

The sales offices of Lahore Smart City are located in Islamabad, Multan, Sargodha and Sahiwal

Are there any International Offices of Lahore Smart City?

There are two authorized international offices in Lahore Smart City one is in (London) UK and the other is in the USA .

Who are the Authorized Overseas Sellers for Lahore Smart City?

  • RBS (UK)
  • The Masters Real Estate and Builders (Ireland)
  • Lion Home Design & Build (UK)
  • Dreamland Marketing (UK)
  • Aston Associates (UK)
  • Century 21 (Canada)
  • PK Marketing International (UK)
  • Overseas Marketing Group (USA)
  • Premium Realty Advisors (USA)

Who are the Authorized Local Sellers for Lahore Smart City?

  • The Masters Real Estate & Builders (Multan/Islamabad)
  • Sky Marketing (Islamabad)
  • Multiply (Islamabad)
  • Currentage Associates (Islamabad)
  • Lion Home Decors and Build (Lahore)
  • Subah Real Estate (Rawalpindi/Islamabad)
  • Smart Way Real Estate (Islamabad)
  • Deal and Deal Pvt. Ltd (Islamabad)
  • PAK Associates (Islamabad)
  • Amal Nawaz Property Exchange (Rawalpindi/Islamabad)
  • Brick (Islamabad)
  • Safa Marketing (Islamabad)
  • Sigma (Islamabad)
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