Lahore Smart City Villas - Smart Villas Payment Plan

If there ever is a debate on the best-constructed structure in Lahore Smart City, the villas will definitely take the lead. No one can deny the caliber and scope of a project like Lahore Smart City. being helmed by two of the most promising real estate names in the industry - HRL and FDHL. The masterplan of the Society is crafted by SJ - which is a Singaporean consultancy firm known for leading the Asian real estate industry for over 3 decades.

The villas of Lahore Smart City have gathered critical and widespread acclaim since their announcement. Let us learn about the details of the Lahore Smart City Villas in the given below provided details:

Types of Villas

For all those who are thriving to make an investment in Lahore Smart CIty, knowing about the Lahore Smart CIty Villas is of utmost importance. There are three main types of villas in Lahore Smart City which are distinguished by their theme, architectural prowess, and customization.

Contemporary Villas

As the name of the villas is telling a story, the contemporary villas are places that are highlighted with a cutting-edge infrastructure that offers urban details and promises a spectacular viewing experience. Contemporary villas have a lot of glass and windows. These villas have an open floor plan and are highlighted by a single solid color scheme.

Following are the plot sizes in contemporary villas:

  • 5 Marla

  • 10 Marla

  • 1 Kanal

Georgian Villas

A testament to symmetrical construction and structures which offer a complete outlook, Georgian villas are a sight to behold. The rooms offer a high-grade and lit-up experience, all thanks to the glass doors and the windows which promise an aesthetically gorgeous outlook.

Following are the plot sizes in contemporary villas:

  • 5 Marla

  • 10 Marla

  • 1 Kanal

Mediterranean Villas

Mediterranean Villas offer a healthy blend of Spanish and Italian styles. These styles offer arched windows and also utilize the elements of pergola-style wooden structures. These smart villas are often the choice of overseas Pakistanis who are coming to settle down in Pakistan after living abroad for a long period of time.

Following are the plot sizes in contemporary villas:

  • 5 Marla

  • 10 Marla

  • 1 Kanal

Payment Plan for Smart Villas:

Those who are eager to buy smart villas are often seen asking questions about the payment plan of smart villas.

Here is the detailed payment plan for smart villas in Lahore Smart City:

Villa Size

Villa Rate

5 Marla

1 to 1.25 Crore

10 Marla

1.75 to 1.80 Crore

1 Kanal

3 Crore

Benefits of Investment in Villas for Sale in Lahore Smart City

There is not a single shadow of a doubt regarding the factor that Lahore Smart City is a supreme housing society in Lahore. Known for its renowned developers and the team of people who are developing a real showstopper of a master plan of society. Investing in this housing society will provide various benefits such as:

  • Perfect Layout Plan

  • Stunning Location

  • Access to Lifestyle Facilities

  • Contemporary Architecture

Thus, it is a solid fact that an investment in Smart Villas of Lahore Smart City will offer a high-quality passive income generation method. The price structure of investment in smart villas is provided by the management and make sure to book your plot at the earliest possible convenience.

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What is the Location of Lahore Smart City Marketing Office?

88-C Broadway Commercial behind Meezan Bank, DHA Phase 8 Lahore, Pakistan Punjab.

Where are the sales offices of Lahore Smart City located?

The sales offices of Lahore Smart City are located in Islamabad, Multan, Sargodha and Sahiwal

Are there any International Offices of Lahore Smart City?

There are two authorized international offices in Lahore Smart City one is in (London) UK and the other is in the USA .

Who are the Authorized Overseas Sellers for Lahore Smart City?

  • RBS (UK)
  • The Masters Real Estate and Builders (Ireland)
  • Lion Home Design & Build (UK)
  • Dreamland Marketing (UK)
  • Aston Associates (UK)
  • Century 21 (Canada)
  • PK Marketing International (UK)
  • Overseas Marketing Group (USA)
  • Premium Realty Advisors (USA)

Who are the Authorized Local Sellers for Lahore Smart City?

  • The Masters Real Estate & Builders (Multan/Islamabad)
  • Sky Marketing (Islamabad)
  • Multiply (Islamabad)
  • Currentage Associates (Islamabad)
  • Lion Home Decors and Build (Lahore)
  • Subah Real Estate (Rawalpindi/Islamabad)
  • Smart Way Real Estate (Islamabad)
  • Deal and Deal Pvt. Ltd (Islamabad)
  • PAK Associates (Islamabad)
  • Amal Nawaz Property Exchange (Rawalpindi/Islamabad)
  • Brick (Islamabad)
  • Safa Marketing (Islamabad)
  • Sigma (Islamabad)
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